May 312012
 Posted by on May 31, 2012

The Italian Community Center of Troy (ICC) is selling Italian lunches to the public in order to support its weekly soup kitchen project, “Nourishing Our Community.”

Lunches are available each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and feature hot meals, subs and grilled sandwiches with side salads for $6 each. Beverages are available for $1. The ICC will deliver at no charge for orders of three or more lunches.

Orders must be placed by 11 a.m. at 274-0508. See the May menu. A new menu will be issued for June.

Hudson Valley Community College marketing faculty member, Frederick Alm, is providing marketing, public relations and operations analysis assistance for the project, which was started with a Rubin Community Fellows Program grant initiated by Lori C. Kelley, Executive Director of the Italian Community Center Charitable Foundation. Alm joined the effort as a result of a grant stipulation that calls for the grantee to acquire assistance from a faculty member at one of Troy’s colleges.

Alm also worked with Loretta Blitstein, Human Services instructor at Hudson Valley, to place student interns from the Human Services curriculum with the ICC’s kitchen operation where they will acquire first-hand experience while fulfilling course requirements.

In addition to the soup kitchen, the ICC provides meals to distressed families. Proceeds from lunch sales will support both efforts with the expectation that the project will become self-sustaining.

The Louis & Hortense Rubin Community Fellows Fund is a cooperative venture of The Sage Colleges, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Hudson Valley Community College, Emma Willard School and participating agencies of Rensselaer County. It is administered by Sage.

May 252012
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Had a chance to view the info session for the IITGrant opportunity and you’re wondering what your next steps are?

Any and all interested faculty and staff should contact HVCC’s Director of Grants, Cheryl Beauchamp, by phone at ext. 8177 or e-mail at for information and assistance with the grants process.

Don’t delay! You only have until 6/15/12 to submit your application.

May 242012
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The English, Modern Languages,and English as a Second Language Department (EML) is pleased to offer a new Online French Language and Culture I course for fall 2012:

CRN 16451 (FREN 100/320) – ONLINE
Instructor: M. Benton

Thank you,

Kris Lewis
Technical Assistant, EML Dept.
BRN 035A
(518) 629-7385

May 222012
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CDTA has notified the college that the bus shelters on Route 4 will be updated to the new style shelter they are installing throughout the Capital District. The work will take place in the August/September time frame. The college has encouraged CDTA to perform the work while classes are not in session, but this may not be possible due to the amount of time to procure the shelters.

Electronic drawings of the new shelters (pdf format) are available if you are interested in reviewing them. Please contact Karen Seward ( if you would like a copy.

Future announcements will be posted as more information is obtained from CDTA.

May 222012
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Maurissa Jenkins, a 2012 recipient of an A.A.S. degree in Health Information Management and Technology, did not let multiple moves as a military wife interfere with her college education.

First in California, then in Virginia, and then to a third home in Virginia (after her family experienced a house fire), Maurissa finished her degree online. Since a few of her required courses were not offered online, caring faculty and instructional technology staff arranged for her to attend class and seek advisement through videoconferencing.

So, it made perfect sense that Maurissa would attend Commencement 2012 via videoconferencing since she couldn’t be in town for the ceremony. “Maurissa, I told you earlier this spring we would find a way for you to attend graduation. Congratulations!,” President Drew Matonak said to a beaming Maurissa seen on the “big screen” in the Joseph L. Bruno Stadium during the May 19 event.

The Instructional Technologies Department once again pushed the boundaries at this year’s Commencement, conducting a live video conference with Maurissa — at home in Virginia — during this year’s ceremony. Maurissa was able to participate using Jabber, desktop videoconferencing software, to see and hear the ceremony. During the President’s remarks, Maurissa, in her cap and gown, was seen by all on the stadium’s Jumbotron.

May 222012
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HVCC ‘s 2012 annual Stormwater Management Report has been posted to the Environmental Health and Safety Department’s Stormwater Management webpage:

This report is required to be prepared annually and submitted to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation as a condition of the HVCC Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) Permit.

Please direct any comments or questions regarding the report or the Stormwater Management Program to Laurie Vivekanand at .

May 212012
 Posted by on May 21, 2012

Tina Brady of Watervliet and Kimberly Hamilton of Troy, were awarded the Dr. Joseph J. Bulmer Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) scholarship. Both EOC students were recognized during Hudson Valley’s annual Spring Scholarship Appreciation Reception.

The scholarship program, established in 1996 in honor of Hudson Valley’s third president, awards approximately $2,000 each year to a current or former full-time EOC student. Recipients must have a minimum 3.0 GPA or high school average of 80 or higher and enroll at Hudson Valley for the fall semester. (To read reflections on the legacy of Dr. Bulmer written by EOC Executive Director Dr. Lucille Marion, click here:

Brady enrolled in the EOC’s College Preparation program to strengthen her English and Math skills in preparation for her studies in the Early Childhood program at Hudson Valley. She stated in her scholarship application, “If it weren’t for the scholarship, I wouldn’t be able to start Hudson Valley in the fall. Being a pre-school teacher is what I have always wanted to do.”

Hamilton, a student in the EOC’s Cosmetology program, plans to attend Hudson Valley for Mortuary Science. She was inspired to follow this path after feeling disappointed with the way her mother was presented at her funeral. Hamilton explained, “We have all lost someone, and it is a passion for me to have people remembered as they were in life.”  Hamilton earned her GED in September.  She will graduate from the EOC Cosmetology program on June 28. With the help of the Bulmer scholarship, she will be the first in her family to attend to college. The combination of her cosmetology and mortuary science training will help her to achieve her career goal.

Both students worked closely with the EOC’s College Connections department, an initiative designed to increase awareness of college opportunities for all EOC students and to highlight the benefits of a college degree. College Connections assists students with the college application process, including obtaining financial aid.

The Capital District Educational Opportunity Center, a division of Hudson Valley Community College, provides vocational training, academic preparation programs and job placement services to the Capital District and a seven-county area of New York. Through education, intensive casework and comprehensive employment services, eligible New York residents who are 16 years old and older are offered specific skills to gain employment, to succeed on the job, and to encourage ongoing personal and professional development.

May 212012
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Today (May 21), a new printing solution was implemented for students using college printers in the Computer Learning Center in Marvin Library, Campus Center Computer Café and ACE classrooms. This will allow the college to save paper and energy, and cut costs in order to offer improved and expanded services to students.

In ACE classrooms, printing will occur as normal, only now users will be shown a confirmation window with the cost of the print job before they send it. For the summer semester, this cost will be displayed as $0.00.

In addition to the confirmation window, in the CLC and the Café, students will need to go to a print “release station” and swipe their college ID card or log on with their college username and password to “release” the print job to the printer. A list of print jobs will be displayed, and users can either click “Print” or “Cancel” on selected files. Unreleased print jobs will be removed from the queue after 24 hours.

Policy changes for fall 2012

Please be aware that printing services will remain at no cost to students from May 21 through Aug. 26.

Effective Aug. 27, a new campus printing policy and pricing structure for student accounts will take effect. Details will be posted later this summer.

For updated information, please visit:

May 212012
 Posted by on May 21, 2012

Please join me in congratulating the following members of the Hudson Valley Community College Workforce Challenge Team, who each ran or walked the 3.5 mile course in downtown Albany on Thursday evening, May 17 along with 9,310 other workers from the Capital District:

Eric Bryant, Meghan Dinan, Larry Ellis, Joanne Hammond, Murray Hastie, John Heiser, Noah Kucih, Casey Ryan, Carolyn Sawicki, Dominick Schwartz, Dayna Torino and Ronald Vero.

The men’s team finished 96 out of 224 men’s teams, and the women’s team finished 68 of out of 224 women’s teams!

This was the largest and most spirited team it has been my privilege to participate with in the course of my 10+ years at Hudson Valley.

May 212012
 Posted by on May 21, 2012

CDTA has notified the college that the bus shelters on Route 4 will be updated to the new style shelter it is installing throughout the Capital District.  The work will take place in August/September. The college has encouraged CDTA to perform the work while classes are not in session, but this may not be possible, due to the amount of time to procure the shelters.

Electronic drawings of the new shelters (pdf format) are available if you are interested in reviewing them. Please contact me if you would like a copy.

As more information becomes available, it will be posted to the Chronicle.

May 172012
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Over the past months, members of the Hudson Valley community have been sending their ideas as to how the college can deal with some of the issues it is currently facing to

A number of suggestions have been submitted and to provide a way to share them with you, a new Blackboard organization — The President’s Corner — has been established. This organization is open to all faculty and staff and appears under My Organizations when you sign on to the HVCC portal system.

In addition to the announcements, you can access the suggestions that have been received by clicking on “Suggestion Box” on the left-hand side of the screen and then on the folder labeled “Suggestions.” In that folder is an Excel file (Suggestions.xlsx) which contains the suggestions made, the responsible unit(s), and their current status. Be sure to check this file on a regular basis as it will be updated to reflect decisions reached or progress made.

I very much appreciate all the suggestions you have made. They run the gamut from ideas about new academic offerings, to changes in our business practices, to ways in which we can better recruit and retain our students.  While not all of them can be implemented, there were some excellent ideas proposed and we are moving to put them into place. If you have any other ideas, please do not hesitate to submit them through


May 172012
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Blackboard Users,

Part 1:
At this time we are seeing high usage on the system with users taking final exams and preparing final grades. Therefore, users who are doing Course Exports and Imports in preparation for summer sessions may experience longer than usual delays while Blackboard processes these requests.

It is extremely important to check your HVCC e-mail to see if you have received an e-mail confirmation from the Blackboard Administrator that states the export and/or import process has successfully completed. Depending on the number of users running the same processes and the size of the course, it can take anywhere from two minutes to two hours for these processes to complete.

Lengthy delays and/or incomplete imports are often caused by users either double clicking the “submit” button on the Export/Import course pages or by users starting an Export/Import process and then starting it again because it appears as though nothing has happened. These types of activities can cause the system to run really slowly or possibly cause downtime. Please click once only and wait for the export or import to complete.

Part 2:
Users who are not exporting/importing course material may experience error messages when trying to attach files in new course shells (Summer or Fall 2012) . This occurs because there are no course menu items in our blank course shells . To resolve this issue, we recommend that you first create an “announcements” link in the course menu and then create “content areas” to add content to. Those importing content will not experience this problem.

Creating an Announcements Link on the Course Menu:
– Set Edit Mode to ON
– Select the Add button (+) on the Course Menu
– Select Create Tool Link
– Enter a Announcements  for the Tool Link Name
– Select Announcements  from the drop down menu
– Select the Available to Users check box to make this area available to users in the Course
– Select Submit
– The new Tool Link appears on the Course Menu

Please do not hesitate to contact the Distance and Online Learning Help Desk at 629-7070 or e-mail  if you need any assistance preparing your course for the semester.

May 172012
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Try out an iPad during the Summer!

The library will be offering five (5) iPads for extended loan over Summer Session I and II.  Loan periods will be for 12 days and will begin on May 21.

iPads are due no later than the date specified and cannot be renewed.  Borrowers must agree to complete a survey after using the iPad to assist the library in developing the iPad lending service. We are very interested in feedback to further develop this program and to encourage use of mobile devices in the teaching/learning environment.

Below are the extended loan periods for the iPads.

Summer Session I

May 21 – June 1
June 4 – June 15
June 18 – June 29

Summer Session II

July 2 – July 13
July 16 – July 27
July 30 – August 10

The equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Borrowers must complete a lending agreement which includes responsibility to replace lost or damaged iPads.

If you are interested, please contact:

Valerie Waldin [before July 1]
/ext. 7319


Anne LaBelle [before July 1]
/ext. 7384


Cindy Koman [after July 1]
/ext. 7360

We also will have iPads available in the library for three-hour use. So if you do not want to take one home, come to the library see what the buzz is all about!

May 162012
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In this latest update, the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs is proud to share with the college community exciting news from several academic arenas including distance learning growth, an update on the NSF funded advanced technology center, HVCC’s part in a national news story on ABC, new initiatives for recruitment and retention, and a great deal more!

Please click here to access the full update.

May 162012
 Posted by on May 16, 2012

The SUNY Office of the Provost has announced a new Innovative Instruction Technology Grants (IITG) program.

IITG is a competitive grants program open to SUNY faculty and support staff across all disciplines. IITG encourages development of innovations that meet the Power of SUNY’s transformative vision. These competitive, peer-reviewed awards of up to $60,000 will be allocated to demonstrate, communicate and replicate innovations developed at the campus (departmental) level throughout SUNY. Grant recipients will openly share project outcomes in the SUNY Learning Commons, enabling SUNY colleagues to replicate and build upon an innovation.

Grant applications are being accepted from May 15 – June 15.

More information about this exciting opportunity including an overview of the RFP process and how to create an account in the new online grants management website will be covered in an upcoming informational webinar. There are two opportunities to view an online information session coming up and more information about them is listed below.

  • For more information about the IITG Grants and to access the RFP link, please go to:
  • Informational webinars presented on May 10, 2012 from 10 – 11 a.m. AND June 5, 2012 from 2 – 3 p.m. To register for an upcoming webinar, please click here. These are presented through Elluminate.
May 152012
 Posted by on May 15, 2012

Blackboard Instructors:

In preparation for the Summer 2012 semester please review the Prepare Your Course for the Semester information which can be found at:

Don’t Forget to Make Your Course Available
Once the semester begins, students will have access only to a course that has been made available by the course instructor. You must set the availability of your course(s) in Blackboard. To set the course availability, follow these steps:

  • From the Control Panel of your course
  • Select Customization
  • Select Properties
  • Locate Step 3: Set Availability and select Yes, “Make Course Available
  • Select Submit
  • A green confirmation bar will appear indicating that the properties have been updated

Grade Center Clean-Up
If you have extra Grade Center columns hanging around (discussion boards, assignments, etc.) and you would like to clean them up but you aren’t sure how or you aren’t given an option to delete, please contact us for assistance. Also, it’s important to check for hidden Grade Center columns in some cases they may just be hidden from your view but not your students; again, please contact us for assistance.

Please call 629-7070 or e-mail for assistance or to set up an appointment.

May 142012
 Posted by on May 14, 2012

The contractor again will be working on the door from the Parking Garage into Fitzgibbons Hall on Monday, May 14.

To allow the contractor to work uninterrupted, we will be closing the bridge all day on Monday.

We thank you for your cooperation as we work to improve the campus.