Dec 072012
 Posted by on December 7, 2012

My son’s hockey team is doing a fundraiser to raise money because, well, hockey is incredibly expensive and they have to pay for all sorts of  things that you wouldn’t think they would have to. Ice, for example. Who pays for ice? I don’t know. But the coach keeps saying, ‘We need to get more ice!” and thus, we (the parents and children) need to fund raise.

Have you been thinking about attending an Albany Devils hockey game? Would you like to help a nice bunch of boys and girls who love to play hockey and apparently need more “ice”?

We’re selling tickets to the Saturday, Jan. 5 game vs. Springfield. Tickets are $15, and speaking as a person who knows very little about the sport, it’s pretty high quality hockey.

So, join us for hockey night with the Bethlehem Squirt Black Eagles! What else are you doing on that Saturday night? Come watch hockey with a bunch of 10 year olds. You’ll have fun and you’ll help a bunch of really nice kids and their parents who are asked to endure numerous fundraising schemes.


Eric Bryant