May 242016
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The Advanced Study in Drawing and Painting Exhibition, held April 29 through May 7 in the college’s Teaching Gallery, traveled for display at the Education Pavilions of the Omi International Arts Center in Ghent.

Students enrolled in Advanced Study in Drawing and Painting, a two-semester course for students who have completed foundation arts courses and wish to pursue their own body of work, restaged their thesis exhibition “Above Our Heads, It’s Just Noise” at Omi International on May 21 and 22.

The exhibition included work by all 12 Advanced Study students. Pictured (left to right) below with Professor Thomas Lail are Dylan Soares-Kern, Hannah Hutchinson, Zach Whitford, Cassaundra Fraley, Victoria Moore, Jessica Mastrobuono, Corina Waters, Kylie Farrell and Megan Kluball. Jean Ellen Sotansky, Trevor Kuhl and Rebecca Fortune are not shown.

May 112016
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Meghan Mason of Cohoes, a 2016 Fine Arts program graduate, received an honorable mention for her photograph (see below) in the 2016 College Photo Exhibit at the Photo Center in Troy.

Meghan will be transferring to SUNY New Paltz in September.

Tara Fracalossi
Assistant Professor/Director, The Teaching Gallery

meghan mason pic Time In Nature, 2016 — 13″ by 19,” digital color print
May 062016
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The recipient of the 2015-16 Dr. Joseph J. Bulmer Award for Excellence in Library Research is Sydney Phillips for her research paper Juror Exclusion, submitted by Dr. Ann Geisendorfer in fulfillment of the requirements for Criminal Justice Capstone Seminar.

Two papers merit Honorable Mention: Jennifer Edwards for The Amazing World of Play submitted by Eileen Mahoney in fulfillment of the requirements for Techniques of Teaching Through Play, and Rebecca Inglis for Automation: The Debate of Innovation submitted by Anne Dearing in fulfillment of the requirements for English Composition II.

Sydney, Jennifer and Rebecca will be acknowledged at Student Honors Convocation and in the Commencement program. In addition, each will receive a monetary award and their names will be engraved on the Bulmer Award plaque in the Marvin Library Learning Commons.


43  papers were submitted this academic year, 30 of which were student self-nominations. Of the 43 submissions, 40 met the minimum criteria of “A” grade with five research sources, and went on for further consideration, in accordance with award criteria.

This submissions lists names Student / Instructor / Title of Paper / Course:

Emily Benton / Tara Eaton / Vapor Gets In Your Eyes / English Composition I
Ryan Brantigan / Dr. Danica Nowosielski / Frederick Soddy / Chemistry I
Nicole Brophy / Michele Catone-Maitino / Mindful Meditation as an Evidenced-Based Treatment for Substance Use Disorder / Abnormal Psychology
Danielle Chizek / Sara Tedesco / How Cultural Factors Influence Pregnancy in Teens / English Composition I
Sean J Duffy / Laudelina Martinez / The Twin Towers / English Composition II
A’chynee Ztarr Edmundson / Mary Evans / Our Room: A Child Within an Alcoholic Home / Writing About Literature
Brandon Garcia / James LaBate / Permits in the Catskills / English Composition II
Jacob D. Gidley / Jennifer Lee Austin / Violence and Video Games / English Composition II
Chrissy Grugan / James LaBate / Capital Punishment / English Composition I
Ariana Hall / Noah Kucij / The Impact of the Syrian Refugee Crisis / English Composition I
Graham Hall / Dr. Danica Nowosielski / Heinrich Hertz / Chemistry I
Philip Hyde / Noah Kucij / How Has Citizens United Changed the Political Process of America / English Composition I
Lorraine Jackson /Alan Joseph /Women’s Suffrage Movement /Western Civilization II
Stephen Klein /Dr. Danica Nowosielski /Wolfgang Pauli: An American Physicist /Chemistry I
Erich Koehler / Dr. Danica Nowosielski / Peter Debye / Chemistry I
Eloise Lachance / Mary Jo Downey / Does Honey Have a Future? A Look at Contemporary Issues in Agriculture and their Impact… Apiculture / English Composition II
Michael LaMontain / Anthony Podlaski / Neurofeedback: Using the Mind to Heal the Body Within Addictions Treatment / English Composition I
Shane Lewis / Anthony Podlaski / The Sun King / English Composition I
Theresa Masse / Josh Kohan / The Father of Embalming / English Composition I
Teresa Memole / Ron Mulson / Arabesques and Anorexia / General Psychology
Katelyn Milos / Charlotte Prokop / Adoption / General Psychology
Lucas Mistler / Dr. Danica Nowosielski / Alfred Nobel: A Dynamite Chemist / Chemistry I
Stephen Moore / Josh Kohan / The Man Who Unearthed a King / English Composition I
Rebecca Olson / Laudelina Martinez / Environmentalism and Anti-Consumerism in Pixar’s WALL-E / English Composition II
Joel Olzak / David W Van Aken / The Clovis as Hunters of Big-Game / Anthropology
Sarah Pepoon / Charlotte Prokop / Cyberbullying / General Psychology
Sydney Phillips / Dr. Ann Geisendorfer / Juror Exclusion / Criminal Justice Capstone
Marisa M Sorriento / John Meehan / Lead Along / Organizational Leadership
Jonathan Sparer / Dr. Danica Nowosielski / Joseph Von Fraunhofer / Chemistry I
Amy St.Clair / Marina Gore / Environmental Ethics, Education, and Future Generations / Honors Composition I
Samantha St.Germain / Anthony Podlaski / The Cold War in Comics / English Composition I
Anna Tibbits / James LaBate / The Vaccination Controversy / English Composition II
Christopher Trifiletti / Dr. Todd Wysocki / Sleep Deprivation and Stressors / General Psychology
Elizabeth Tripoli / Jennifer Lee Austin / Women in Leadership Roles / English Composition II
James Knox Waller / Tara O’Neill / These Are the Drones You Are Looking For / English Composition I
Angus Whittaker / Anthony Podlaski / The Cultural and Psychological Causes of the Popularity of the Roman Arena / English Composition I
Lalhming Zaua / Josh Kohan / A Man Who Searched For Peace and Well-Being of Humanity / English as a Second Language
Nicholas Zinzow / Josh Kohan / Earl Warren: Shaping the Future of America / English Composition I

Students and faculty are encouraged to submit research papers graded post deadline (after April 29, 2016) for the 2016-17 Bulmer Award consideration.  For more information visit

Congratulations and best wishes to all.

May 062016
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The Learning Centers celebrated Spirit Day on Wednesday, May 4.

We celebrated the “spirit” of the Learning Centers and the twenty-one recipients of the Learning Centers Spirit Certificate. The Spirit Certificate is presented to a student who demonstrates the learning strategies and habits associated with academic success acquired through continued use of the Learning Centers. The efforts of these students reflect the mission and goals of the Learning Centers.

Congratulations! to the Spring 2016 Spirit Certificate recipients recommended by Learning Center instructors:
Shermaqiae Ambrose, Hongmei Chen, Daniel Collum, Jessica George, Grace Gidley, Elijah V. Hummel, Alisha Kennard, Zobaydah Kheshe, Johnneau McCart, Jon Miller, Enas Al Naseri, Frmesk Nury, Eric Pierson, Irgline Polynice, Musa Rahman, Matt Roden, Laura Sochia-Burkhardt, Kiel Suggs, Tyrone Talbott, Marion Walker, Sahib Williamson.

May 062016
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CongratsimagePlease join me in congratulating Dolores Terry in the Educational Opportunity Center’s College and Career Services. She has received the Leadership Development Certification of Completion.

Dolores has been with Hudson Valley Community College/EOC for 13½  years and has dedicated the last 9½ years to working with the EOC’s College Connections Initiative by assisting students and community members with the college admissions process, and all aspects of Title IV post-secondary educational financing. Dolores also is a member of the Affirmative Action Committee and is actively involved with grant writing, diversity education, mentoring, and Financial Literacy. Dolores also provides College Connections services to Trinity Alliance – Capital South Campus Center in Albany. She has developed and facilitated a successful Financial Literacy Workshop for the EOC’s College Connections 2015 Summer Institute.

The knowledge that Dolores has gained has allowed her to assist many students to work through the college and financial aid process so that they are able to enroll at Hudson Valley and other colleges. Dolores continues to strive to reach her goals, enrich her knowledge, and educate herself by working toward completion of her Certified Educational Planner Certification (CEP) in an effort to continue to service and meet student needs.


May 052016
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Both the Criminal Justice Club and the Center for Academic Engagement organized a large troop of Hudson Valley Community College “Vikings” to click clack in high heels for the annual Walk-A-Mile in Her Shoes International Man’s March to Stop Rape, Sexual Assault and Gender Violence on Saturday, April 30 in Troy’s Riverfront Park. Samaritan Hospital was the local sponsor.

About 45 people including students, staff, faculty members as well as several Chartwell’s staff members participated in the march. Even the Viking Mascot sported a pair of pumps. Overall, it was a fun and successful day supporting an excellent cause.

We would like to acknowledge all of the students who participated and Student Activities and the Student Senate for their support. We also would like to give a special thank you to Coach Mike Muehling for encouraging his players to participate as well as.

The CRJ Club has been participating in this event for the last several years as part of an effort to bring awareness to this issue.

Shawna Addison and Jessica Gilbert
CRJ Club Co-Advisors

Some of the 2016 Walk a Mile crew

The crew


May 032016
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The Center for Academic Engagement’s mission is to create confident, independent and successful learners. Each semester we acknowledge a select group of students who epitomize our mission as recipients of the Center for Academic Engagement Award. These honorees consist of pupils who work hard academically and/or help engage their peers to do the same.

This award is recognition for their hard work, their commitment to their academics, and their impact on their peers and the staff of the CAE. We commend their initiative and perseverance.

The Center for Academic Engagement is proud to announce the following students received Spring 2016 Engagement Awards:

  • Kiel Suggs
  • Freddie Johnson
  • Ray Santiago
  • Dan Berger
  • Paige Linen
  • Ray Watson

The following students received a Certificate of Appreciation for all of their hard work and time invested in helping other students become academically successful:    

  • Ian Becker
  • Erika Shudt
  • Brian Doxsey
  • Ashley Torres
  • Terrell McFadden

The CAE office also acknowledges Marion Walker with a Certificate of Achievement for all of his hard work, dedication, and commitment to his academic success. Marion will be graduating this May.

In addition, we selected Karen Ferrer-Muniz as the Faculty/Staff Appreciation Recipient. We at the CAE are extremely grateful for her commitment to this office. Ms. Ferrer-Muniz continues to support and provide encouragement to the students and takes the time to work with students and show them how much she cares.

We congratulate everyone on a successful semester!
The CAE Team

Karen Ferrer-Muniz with award recipients


Apr 282016
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Mara Lefebvre, assistant director of Institutional Services and Events, is one of four artists exhibiting in “Environmental Expressions,” which opens Friday, May 6 at the Saratoga Arts Center in Saratoga Springs. An opening reception runs from 5:30 to 8 p.m.

Works by Kathryn Bilharz Gabriel, Gammy Miller and Paula Overboy also are featured in the exhibition.

The exhibition remains on view through Saturday, June 25. Gallery hours are 9 a.m to 5 p.m. weekdays and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays. The Arts Center is located at 320 Broadway in Saratoga Springs; there is no charge for gallery admission.

A sample of Lefebvre’s work:



Apr 282016
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Michael Hurley, a current student, retired Army major and amateur woodworker is chairman of the Schuyler Flatts Burial Container Committee, and this Saturday, April 30, he and his colleagues at Northeastern Woodworkers Association, will be presenting burial containers they made for a very special project to re-inter the remains of 14 salves found buried in Colonie in 2005.

From the project website:

“The Schuyler Flatts Burial Project was created to provide an honorable, dignified and respectful burial for the human skeletal remains of 14 African Americans found in Colonie. Investigations revealed that during the 18th and early 19th centuries, the location was a Negro burial ground in an area described as Schuyler Flatts, which was part of a large estate owned by the Colonial Schuyler family.

On June 5th, 2005 construction work in the Town of Colonie, NY (Route 32 near Menands/Watervliet) revealed an unmarked burial ground. Archaeologists discovered 13 sets of remains plus another set of remains was found in 1998. A total of 14 individuals were discovered.

In 2010, bioarchaeological analysis was completed by the NYS Museum. The analyses determined that the remains are about 200 years old and represent 6 women, 1 man, 2 children, and five infants. DNA analysis concluded that four of the individuals are of African descent. (West/East and Central Africa) Two sets of remains are descendants of women from Madagascar (off the coast of Southeast Africa). One individual, who may have been of mixed ancestry, was descendant from a Native American woman (possibly Micmac Tribe: Eastern Canada and the Northeastern corner of the United States). The burial ground was dated between the 1700s and early 1800s. Historical research indicates that the burial ground was part of a large estate owned by the colonial Schuyler family who owned a number of slaves in the 18th and 19th centuries.”

There will be an artist presentation and a public meeting about the project from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the New York State Museum (Huxley Theatre). The public is welcome to attend. For more information, go to:

Apr 252016
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More than 500 students participated in the online Student Senate elections on April 20 and 21 electing the following students for the 2016-2017 academic year:

President Emma Dillon (Individual Studies)
Vice President Steven Pelletier (Criminal Justice)
Treasurer Daniel Kusky (Individual Studies)
Secretary Manik Elahi (Computer Information Systems)
Senior Class President Jad El Khoury (Business Administration)
Student Trustee Manik Elahi (Computer Information Systems)

Congratulations to all the candidates!
The official term for the officers-elect commence June 1, 2016.




Apr 222016
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Hudson Valley Fine Arts students and faculty members attended a reception for 2016 SUNY Spring Student Art Exhibition on Thursday, April 21, in the Gallery at State University Plaza. Three students are shown below with their work, Jessica Mastrobuono, Cassaundra Fraley, and Andrea Hulseapple.




Apr 212016
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congratulationsCongratulations to Alice Busman and Rosemary Schultz for being the first Hudson Valley Community College employees to complete all three professional development certificate programs — Academic Advising, Leadership Development, and Teaching and Learning — offered by the Center for Effective Teaching.

For more information on certificate programs offered through the CET please visit

Apr 202016
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CongratsimagePlease join me in congratulating Rosemary Schultz, education specialist/professor from the School of Business Advisement Center. She has received the Leadership Development Certification of Completion.

Rosemary has been an academic advisor with the college for 25 years. She began her career at Hudson Valley Community College working part-time in the Continuing Education Division, joining the Business Administration Department in 1997 in a full-time faculty position dedicated to providing advisement to business students. In her years at the college, Rosemary has been committed to doing her best with each individual student she advises. She believes that service to the college is a critical ingredient of Hudson Valley’s excellence. Rosemary loves working with community college students and with her colleagues in the School of Business and at the college.

She currently serves as a member of the Academic Senate, co-chair of the Educational Policies and Standards Committee, a delegate to the Faculty Association and is the college’s delegate to the New York State Teachers’ Retirement System. She has continued her professional growth through study in a number of non- credit, undergraduate and graduate school courses.


Apr 192016
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Works by Fine Arts faculty members Tara Fracalossi and Thomas Lail is included in the upcoming exhibition, “CAMPSITE,” at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art at SUNY New Paltz.

The exhibition, curated by Corinna Ripps Schaming, associate director and curator at the University at Albany Art Museum, features work by 14 artists exploring the theme of CAMPSITE in painting, printmaking, drawing, sculpture, photography, video, and installation.

The exhibition is on view at the Samuel Dorsky Museum from June 18 through Nov. 13, 2016. An opening reception is scheduled for June 25 from 5 to 7 p.m.

More information:

Apr 142016
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The HVCC READS 2016 program culminated when author Jacopo della Quercia visited the campus on Wednesday, April 13. The author visited two classes, shared lunch with a small group of students, faculty members, and employees, gave a lecture, answered questions, and socialized with audience members at a reception.

The entire day proceeded smoothly, and I need to thank various individuals and departments for their assistance on that day and during the course of the entire HVCC READS 2016 program:

President Drew Matonak, who initially funded the program in 2006 and 2007 and has always supported it through the years.

My fellow committee members –Brenda Hazard, Cynthia Koman, Gail Roberts, Marlo Daniels, Mary Kate Robinson, and Ann Carrozza – for their input and assistance throughout the academic year.

Deb Renfrew and the Communicatons and Marketing Staff, which promoted the program.

Madison Palmer for her artistic work on the posters and the entire Graphics Design and Printing Services Department for printing the posters.

Sandi Eyerman for her help in maintaining the HVCC READS Community in the Hudson Valley Portal.

Mara Lefebvre, Charmaine Darmetko, Erin Hatter and the Institutional Services and Events Staff for scheduling the luncheon, the lecture, and the reception afterwards.

Marlo Daniels and Rachel Bornn, who allowed the author to visit their classes.

Vince Giordano for taking photographs during the author’s visit.

Andrea Lizzi and Chartwells Dining Services, who prepared and served both the luncheon and the reception after the lecture.

Steve Stegman and his staff for selling the author’s books at the reception after the lecture.

Andrew Marschilok and Eric Kiel, and Viking Video Technologies for taping and producing a DVD of the author’s lecture.

The entire HVCC community for its support of the HVCC READS program.

If you have ideas, thoughts, suggestions, or additional comments about this year’s program or about hosting a similar program in the future, please feel free to contact me at









Apr 132016
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o'connor_2015-16_bot_portrait_5082Hudson Valley Community College Business Administration student Brody O’Connor was recognized by Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) as a member of the All-USA Community College Academic Team at a national ceremony in Chicago on Tuesday, April 12. President Matonak attended the special event to celebrate Brody’s achievement.

The All-USA Community College Academic Team, which is highlighted in a special supplement in Tuesday’s USA Today, recognizes an outstanding group of 20 two-year college students from across the country who display a combination of academic achievement and community service.

Phi Theta Kappa is the largest honor society in higher education, serving nearly 1,300 colleges in all 50 states and nine countries. Members of the All-USA Academic Team are recognized for their academic achievements, leadership accomplishments and engagement in community service.

O’Connor, of Ballston Spa, is the secretary for the Student Senate, student representative on the college’s Board of Trustees and president of the Entrepreneurs Club. He is also involved in several extracurricular volunteer activities on campus and in his community. He will graduate this spring.

Apr 132016
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On April 7, the Educational Opportunity Center held its annual Employer Recognition Breakfast celebrating 50 years of service with representatives of almost 90 Capital Region businesses and organizations that employ or support our students becoming employed.

Also in attendance were NYS Senator Neil Breslin; Jason Lane, vice provost for Academic Planning and Strategic Leadership and senior associate vice chancellor for the State University of New York; Lisa McKay, senior assistant provost and director of SUNY’s University Center for Academic and Workforce Development (UCAWD), and Hudson Valley Community College President Drew Matonak.

State Senator Kathleen Marchione was unable to attend, but sent her wishes and a legislative proclamation congratulating the Capital District EOC on its 50 years of service.

Doug Ivey, an EOC alumni and a current cosmetology instructor, spoke to the audience, thanking them for their support of our students.

The EOC is celebrating its 50 years of service with activities all year culminating in a gala event to be held on Oct. 14, 2016 at the Franklin Plaza in Troy.

Proclomation           Doug Ivey Emply Breakfast 2016


Apr 112016
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The sixth annual Summer Camp Fair held on April 2 was a huge success. Nearly 40 camps were in attendance showcasing their summertime camp offerings. This event was free to the public and featured an arts & crafts area, clowns, DJ, two bounce houses and refreshments.

The Office of Community and Professional Education would like to thank the various offices that contribute to the success of this event, including Physical Plant, Public Safety, Institutional Services and Events, Graphics and Print Shop and campus photographer Vincent Giordano.

Without the support of these offices, we would not be able to bring this event to the community.

Camp Fair Pic Clowns

overhead camp fair

carsen picture

camp fair ymca

Apr 062016
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Five Hudson Valley Community College students were among the 248 to receive a 2016 SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence during an April 5 ceremony at the Empire State Plaza in Albany.

Taylar Delisle
Liberal Arts and Science – Humanities and Social Science Taylar has been a competitive cheerleader since childhood and is currently the president and captain of the cheerleading and pep squads. She participates in many campus events and fund-raising efforts. She volunteers regularly for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and Avery’s Angels and is an assistant coach for Pop Warner cheerleading. Taylar’s goal
is to become a creative arts therapist.

Josiah Dillon
Business Administration
Josiah served as president of the Investment Club, was treasurer of the Student Senate, and was a board
member of the Hudson Valley Community College Foundation. He was on the President’s List and is a member of the College PTK chapter. He has been active as a basketball camp volunteer and is a member of the Hudson Valley cross country team.

Brody O’Connor
Ballston Spa
Business Administration
Brody is very active on campus, serving as the student representative on the school’s Board of Trustees and as an officer of the Investment Club, Entrepreneurs Club, and Student Senate. He is also a regular volunteer with AARP’s tax-aide program. Brody plans to go to law school.

Erika Pelletier
Early Childhood
Erika graduated with honors in December 2015, with an associate degree in Early Childhood. At Hudson Valley, Erika was actively involved in student government as a freshman and senior senator and served on the college’s Academic Senate Student Life Committee. She was president of the Early Childhood Club and was a member of the Tour Guide, Culture and Cheerleading clubs. Erika was assistant coach of a Pop Warner cheerleading team.

Erica Shudt
Liberal Arts and Science – Humanities and Social Science
Erica is a Liberal Arts student with a goal of pursuing a career in clinical psychology. She is currently the president of the Psychology Club, vice president for membership for the Alpha Xi Sigma Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, and head
captain of the college’s women’s basketball team. Erica is an AAU basketball assistant coach of The Uncle Sam Lady
Hoopsters and a registered tutor for students with disabilities.

More information can be found in press releases issues by the college and SUNY.


Apr 052016
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Four works by Hudson Valley students will be included in the SUNY Student Art Best of Show exhibition, which will run from June through October at the New York State Museum. A reception at the museum will take place on June 13, 2016.

These works and two others are currently on view in the SUNY Student Art Spring Exhibition in the main SUNY System Administration building. A reception will be held for that exhibition on April 21.

Student work includes: Jessica Mastrobuono’s Untitled painting; Cassaundra Fraley’s painting titled Sophistication (both works from the Fine Arts degree program’s Advanced Study class); Andrea Hulseapple’s ‘Untitled’ still life with books from the Painting 1 class; and Oteria Ludwig’s work, S.T.I. (Synthetic Telepathy Interface) Andrew Hulseapplefrom the Digital Media program.

This is a notable accomplishment for our students as the selections for the Best of Show exhibition are chosen from submissions from all SUNY campuses, including bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.Cassaundra FraleyJessica Mastrobuono edit

Apr 042016
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Polly Karis, senior clerk in the Dwight Marvin Library, is a recipient of the 2016 Student Service Award presented by Empire State College.

Polly is enrolled in an Empire State College master’s degree program with an anticipated graduation date of May 2016. Congratulations to Polly!

Apr 042016
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Jennifer Acker, senior clerk in the Dwight Marvin Library, is the featured speaker at the Capital District Library Council Lunch and Learn event later this month.

Jen will share the college’s successful interlibrary loan assessment project completed last year.

Mar 172016
 Posted by on March 17, 2016

Hudson Valley Community College hosted its 20th annual Viking Challenge on March 16. It is a game of Trivial Pursuit for teams of high school students and is sponsored by the School Programs and Educational Outreach office.

Nine schools participated: Academy of the Holy Names, Cobleskill-Richmondville, Saratoga Springs, Schenectady, Schuylerville, Tamarac, Troy, Waterford-Halfmoon, and Watervliet.

The winners!
First Place: Tamarac High School
Second Place: Schuylerville High School
Third Place: Saratoga Springs High School

The Office of School Programs would like to thank the following for their continued support:
Vice President Jim LaGatta
Vice President Carolyn Curtis and Karola Berg
Ann Carozza and the Faculty Student Association
Eric Kiel and Scott Freedman, Viking Video Technologies
Mara Lefebvre, Special Events and Facilities Utilization
Andrea Hotaling and Chartwells
Vince Giordano, photographic specialist, and
Communications and Marketing and Graphics/Print Shop

Special thanks also to our Viking Committee:
Chris Helwig
Sue Agan
Mark Petersen

And our Challenge Master Jim Zubrick


Mar 152016
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Hudson Valley Community College picked up four silver Addy Awards recognizing creative and effective advertising initiatives at the Ad Club’s annual dinner Friday, March 11. The Addy Awards are the regional competition for advertising excellence conducted by the American Advertising Federation.

Hudson Valley earned Addys in the following categories:

  • “That’s Bold” :30 TV commercial
  • “That’s Bold” integrated brand campaign
  • Cinematography for “That’s Bold” :30 TV commercial
  • Photography for Football Media Guide

Photos from the event are available online.

Mar 142016
 Posted by on March 14, 2016

Tom Schreck, adjunct faculty in the Human Services department, is featured this week on the ReelzChannel documentary “Copycat Killers: Fatal Attraction” as the expert crime reporter for the case.

ReelzChannel is available on Time Warner Cable, Fios and Comcast.