Apr 182013
 Posted by on April 18, 2013

Effective May 20, Dwight Marvin Library circulation policies affecting borrowing will change. For employees, the revisions include the following:

* 20-item loan limit
(This is an increase from the current limit of 10).

* Three fixed due dates:  September 15, last day of Fall semester classes or last day of Spring semester classes.
This change results in simpler tracking of when items are due; mark your calendar or watch the Chronicle for a reminder to renew or return books. This is an increase from current three-week loan.

• Financial responsibility to replace grossly overdue, lost or damaged items borrowed from Dwight Marvin Library, interlibrary loan or other libraries accessed through reciprocal eligibility as an HVCC employee. Borrowing privileges are suspended until replacement fees are settled. Outstanding fines will be noted on employee checklist at departure from college service or retirement.

Effective May 20, regularly circulating library items borrowed by employees  have a September 15 due date. Effective with the start of the Fall semester, library items will have a due date of December 13, the last day of classes. At the conclusion of the fall semester, the due date shifts to the last day of the spring semester. That cycle will continue in subsequent years with the three fixed due dates.

Dwight Marvin Library currently expends scarce resources to replace library items that are damaged or lost by employees due to the current vague language about employee financial responsibility. The revised policy clearly articulates the borrower’s responsibility for items on loan from Dwight Marvin Library and other lenders. These revisions are consistent with the student borrowing policy.

The full circulation policy is available online.

By the end of April, employees with items on loan with due dates prior to January 2013 will receive a letter requesting the return or renewal. Borrowers will bear financial responsibility for the replacement of items that are not returned or renewed by May 17.

For questions about items you may have on loan, please contact the circulation desk at 629-7336.