May 142013
 Posted by on May 14, 2013

As I think about the current academic year, soon to culminate in yet another record-breaking graduation, one accomplishment that will go less heralded by the general public, yet that is every bit as important as anything we do here, is the campus-wide participation in the Middle States Self-Study.

A great many of you participated in surveys, patiently answered questions in interviews and e-mails and attended meetings designed to gather information. Others served on working groups, spending hours gathering data and more data. And the Steering Committee members worked to pull all of this together with the goal of producing a report that will describe what we do here and the extent to which we meet Middle States’ “characteristics of excellence,” the criteria for reaccreditation.

This work has meant nights, weekends… time when other tasks had to be put off, time when leisure and fun were thought about and left for another day. The unselfish and effective work done by the “Middle Staters” is no less than humbling. I hope you will accept my sincerest thanks and I hope you will know that your work on the Middle States Self-Study is deeply valued.

Thank you, one and all.