Jun 282013
 Posted by on June 28, 2013

Pre-pack order forms for fall 2013 semester now are available!

Pre-pack is a service the Viking’s Cove Bookstore offers during the fall and spring terms which provides students with the opportunity to have their books pre-packaged.

Basically, Pre-pack works as follows:

Students fill out a pre-pack order form and returns it to the bookstore — by mail, fax, drop-off or online.

The bookstore then processes the order by packaging the students texts and setting them aside. The student receives an e-mail when his or her Pre-pack is ready to arrange for pickup. The student simply comes in and pays for the materials, and is on their way.

If you are using a bookstore waiver from the Financial Aid office, you can pick up your books on or after Aug. 17. The Pre-pack is a great way to have your books held for you until that time.

Stop by the bookstore and fill out a Pre-pack order form today or fill it out online at: