Jul 032013
 Posted by on July 3, 2013

Employees from several departments have the need to access the Science Center Building to get it ready for use.

Due to the work of various construction trades and the possibility of falling objects or eye hazards, the current level of required personal protective equipment (PPE) for any entry into the building is safety glasses, hard hat and closed-toe shoes. The PPE requirement will be reassessed as the construction trades finish their work and changes will be communicated. It is anticipated that these  PPE requirements will no longer be needed well in advance of the start of fall semester.

If any employee needs to borrow safety glasses or hard hats for Science Center work, please contact Environmental Health and Safety or Physical Plant.

If there are any questions about safety hazards or precautions in the Science Center building, please let me know.


Laurie Vivekanand, CIH
Director, Environmental Health and Safety