Dec 102012
 Posted by on December 10, 2012
  1. Wireless Internet Connections are NOT recommended.
  2. Only have one Blackboard Session open at a time. Whenever you log in, Blackboard starts a session for you and tracks your time. After 3 hours your Blackboard session may close, but if you have logged in several times within 3 hours you may have multiple sessions open. When preparing to start a test make sure you haven’t recently logged into Blackboard so you will start a new session. To prevent this make sure you always logout of Blackboard when finished so you always start a new Blackboard session.
  3. Only one (1) Internet browser window or tab should be open and you should Maximize your Internet browser screen before starting and keep it maximized during the test.
  4. Minimize the number of applications running, use only what you need to complete your test.
  5. Do not double click on the Begin button, or click the Begin button more than once when starting the test.
  6. Wait for the test to completely load on the page before selecting/entering answers.
  7. Save Often by selecting the Save All Answers or Save Answer buttons, but do not double click on these buttons an error could occur.
  8. Be cautious using the backspace or delete keys. The test page could be refreshed and prevent you from re-accessing the test.
  9. Do Not Use the Internet Browser “Back”, “Forward”, or “Refresh” buttons, using these buttons could cause you to lose connection to the test.
  10. Make sure you review the test results page that appears after submitting your test in order to confirm that the test submission was successful and to review any feedback your instructor may have provided. Feel free to print this screen for your records using your browser print feature.

Many variables can contribute to you encountering online test taking issues, it’s just the nature of the online environment but these common tips have helped to prevent many students from running into online test taking problems.

For additional tips and detailed information please see our Online Test Taking Tips handout.