Mar 052013
 Posted by on March 5, 2013

Last week, the Viking Video crew traveled to the SUNY Global Center in NYC. The aim of the trip was to shoot the next in the SUNY Celebrity series with Mr. Al Roker.

Anthony Salamone, Phil Jenkins, Mike Cavanaugh and Scott Freedman worked to turn one of the rooms at the Global Center into a remote production studio complete with lighting, multiple cameras and audio recorders. Staff from SUNY Central Administration and Deborah Stanley, president of Oswego College (Mr. Roker’s alma mater), also were in attendance for the shoot.

Mr. Roker came in, had some make-up put on and was ready to go. He spoke for about 20 minutes after which he graciously agreed to be filmed for some additional B-Roll. The shoot went very well and Mr. Roker had some great things to say about Oswego College and the SUNY system.

This marks the third Celebrity piece that VVT has been involved in. The first shoot was with Billy Baldwin and the second was with Susie Essman.

Please use the link below to watch the one-minute time-lapse video of the VVT crew setting up equipment for the remote shoot:

Mike Cavanaugh, Anthony Salamone, Al Roker, Scott Freedman, Phil Jenkins