Jul 022013
 Posted by on July 2, 2013

I’ve got two turntables and a microphone!

Okay, that would be super cool if I did have two turntables and a microphone! Maybe I could shake this stigma of being pretty much the most uncool person you might ever meet. Anyhow, to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, my uncoolness, I do in fact have two tricycles and a stro-o-ller. The tricycles are a Kiddi-o and a Kettler, and the stroller is a Peg Perego (man do those Italians know how to make a mean stroller!). If you are at all interested, there are more details here:

Kettler: http://albany.craigslist.org/bab/3908357061.html ($10)

Kiddi-o: http://albany.craigslist.org/bab/3908372475.html ($35)

Peg Perego: http://albany.craigslist.org/bab/3908388303.html ($20)

The tricycles are in pretty good shape, and the stroller is in not quite as good shape.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



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